Technical requirement for environmental labeling products (Adhesive) will be put into force from 2017

Recently, Ministry of Environmental Protection released announcement No. 63 (2016), approved that the  technical requirements of environment mark product for adhesives (HJ 2541-2016) as the new national environmental protection standards, which was implemented on January 1, 2017. Meanwhile, the original standard (HJ/T 220-2005) was abolished from the date of implementation.
      On the basis of HJ/T 220-2005, new standard revised mainly for the following aspects: content of free formaldehyde and free phenol should comply with the provision of GB/T 14372-2006; propose environmental requirements for book packaging adhesive and hot melt adhesive; harmful material release limited of carpet adhesive add alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether compounds; unified the indicator unit, etc.


Reference: Ministry of Environmental Protection



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